Friday, June 1, 2012

Natural Swimming Pools

With summer started, many eco-conscious families are interested in ways to transform their current pools into a more natural environment for swimming. Natural swimming pools utilize native plants in an aquatic garden to circulate the water and keep everything fresh, clean and clear.  These are a little different than the increasingly popular saltwater pools.  The modern trend in natural pools is to replace chemicals and filters with elements from Mother Nature. 

Perhaps our ancestors would be laughing that we are seeking out natural swimming pools for our homes since there are so many natural wonders available.  If you want to spend more time in the water instead of cleaning it this summer, here are some reasons you might want to consider building a natural pool.

Benefits of a natural pool:
1. Low maintenance: let Mother Nature do the work
2. Costs less: no electricity, plumbing, chemicals
3. Green: healthy for all the plants and organisms in the pond
4. Nature sounds: improve your feng shui

1.  Keep your planting zone equal in area to swimming zone
2. Use a variety of water garden plants to keep the space aerated, warm, safe for an animal habitat and beautiful
3. Even though plants are great natural filters, many natural pools will still require an underwater aeration system to keep the water from becoming stagnant

You can also swim at these natural beauties this summer in Central Texas:
1. Barton Springs
2. Deep Eddy
3. Hamilton Pools
4. Krause Springs
5. Blue Hole

1. Havasu Falls (Arizona)
2. Peekamoose Blue Hole (New York)
3. Little River Canyon (Alabama)
4. Carlon Falls (California)