Friday, November 19, 2010

Green Fern Events Helps to "GREEN" Bazaarvoice's Holiday Party

Green Fern Events was contracted to provide recycling and composting services for Bazaarvoice's holiday event, held November 5, 2010 at the Austin Music Hall. With over 700 guests in attendance, theme for the evening was "Roaring 20's". In addition to the theme d├ęcor and decorations, the company wanted to do what they could to help minimize the environmental impact for their event. They brought in the "experts" and Green Fern Events (along with Wandering River Recycling) successfully diverted three quarters or 74% of all the waste from a landfill!

Throughout the evening, the casino tables were packed, drinks were going down smoothly alongside hand-rolled cigars, and the DJ downstairs and jazz duet on the patio kept everyone on their toes! With all of this going on, I observed many of the guests paying attention to the RECYCLE and COMPOST signs and disposing of their beer cans and compostable plates properly. It was a fantastic sight to see.

Not only is Bazaarvoice a global leader in social commerce technology and solutions, THEY as business and individuals are setting a powerful example of environmental leadership and corporate social responsibility. With special help from the G.I. Joes (a.k.a. the green team) Bazaarvoice employees implement many green strategies into their business culture, community, as well as for the events they produce. Voted #1 place to work in Austin, Bazaarvoice is leading the way in all that they do.

It was exciting to see how hard everyone partied and then how much waste we were able to divert from a landfill as a result of our recycling and food composting initiatives. It was great fun and we hope this is the start of a trend for many companies to follow in Bazaarvoice's footsteps.

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