Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hottest Green Trends: Earth Day 2012

1. Slow Food Movement - The Slow Food movement has over 100,000 members globally.  In founder Carlo Petrini's words, "Slow food unites the pleasure of food with responsiblity, sustainability, and harmony with nature."  There are multiple local chapters available, and their website is a great source of information for those wanting to know what they can do to be a part of this effort.  

2. Smarter Cities - As our cities are growing, green roofs are becoming an increasingly popular trend.  Also, check out IBM's Smarter Cities" initiative. 

3. Organic Cotton - Did you know that the pesticides used on cotton are some of the most harmful chemicals on the planet? Find out why you should care about organic cotton: Organic Trade Association 

4. Renewable Energy - Earth Day Network reports that the Renewable Energy for All Campaign is asking world leaders to "agree on a long-term vision that inspires decision makers, triggers incentives, and bases the green economy on a 100% clean and renewable energy system." 
5. Clean Technology: Fuel Cells & Hydrogen - 10 trends to watch for 2012 in the fuel cell and hydrogen industry. 

6. Green Films - Check out this list of best documentaries on the environment (

7. Top 5 Green Cars: The Detroit auto-show named the 2013 Ford Fusion as the top Green car on the market.  Here are the other four.

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