Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Green Halloween!

written by Tiffany Harelik 

Halloween is a fun time of the year to ring in fall flavors and have parties.  Whether young or young at heart, there are several things you can do this year to make your Halloween celebrations climate neutral and earth-friendly.


  • Reuse: Organize a costume swap pre-Halloween party
  • Recycle: Get crafty and turn existing clothing into a costume - search "DIY costumes"for ideas

  • Wrap LED Christmas lights around a pumpkin and line the walkway to your front door
  • Remove seeds from a pumpkin (put aside to toast with olive oil and salt).  Wipe interior shell of the pumpkin out with vinegar.  Place a blooming potted plant inside and tie a ribbon around the belly of the pumpkin.
  • Use glassware to entertain at parties.  Or if you are using themed plastic, consider washing and saving for next year's Halloween.
  • Have a recycle bin present at your celebrations.
  • Compost food wastes into your fall garden.

Garden Craft:
  • Remove the top of a healthy pumpkin, leaving seeds inside.  Fill with good dirt, and a little water.  This creates a self-containing pumpkin patch.
Give treats that don't have excessive packaging:
  • Fruit comes in it's own biodegradable casing and doesn't require extra plastic bags.  Ex: oranges, apples, bananas.
  • Consider giving out non-food treat ideas that aren't wasteful (ex: crayons)

More fun sources we found to help you have a Green Halloween: 

Take this quiz to see how Green your Halloween truly is via Planet Green.

Here is a great big list of healthy and earth-friendly treat alternatives for a "Green Halloween." Follow them on twitter at @greenhalloween

Thanks to @GetGreenBeWell, the 28-day Green-Your-Halloween Challenge has started.  Check out some of their ideas for a greener Halloween.

TreeHugger is one of our favorite go-to sites for useful environmental information.  Here is their take on how to have a Green Halloween.

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